…working to improve
the lives of others with
faith, hope and love. 


Vines of Hope was founded by Matt and Carre Doyle with a passion for improving the lives of others.   Having established and managed Doyle Vineyard Management since 2009, they quickly conceived the idea to form a separate organization that would contribute to the excellent work of many charitable groups and individuals.  With that in mind, Vines of Hope was born!

Matt and Carre Doyle

Matt has spent many years in the business of grape growing. Matt’s love of vineyards first began as a young child within a family committed to the wine industry. Matt pursued his passion in vineyard management at Cornell University, earning a degree in Agribusiness Management and Economics. An entrepreneur at heart, Matt now successfully manages Doyle Vineyard Management.  Matt also serves as adjunct professor at Finger Lakes Community College’s new and u
pcoming Viticulture and Wine Technology Program.  Matt’s interests include biking, sailing and snowskiing.

Carre returned to the Finger Lakes with Matt in 2002 to lay down roots for their quickly growing family.  As co-owner of Doyle Vineyard Management, Carre spends time alongside Matt in the tasks of vineyard management, and has been the lead on the establishment of Vines of Hope.  Her primary role however, is in the day-to-day tasks of raising four children.  In the far and few between breaks of childrearing, Carre enjoys running, boating, and snowskiing.

Having been married for 17 years, Matt and Carre are blessed with four children, an outstanding vineyard crew, and numerous partnerships around the world that share the same mission.   They reside on Keuka Lake, NY.

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